Budgeting For Preppers: Getting What You Need Beforehand

Budgeting is a very useful skill that most preppers should have. The best time to prepare for an emergency is during times of peace. Once disaster strikes, it’s usually too late to prepare because everything will be confusing and haywire.

However, to stockpile items during peacetime will require money. While some items will last a long time like candles, first aid bandages, etc. other items like food and water are perishables and will expire with time. So, you should be aware of when to consume the perishables before they expire and also to replenish the stocks.

When stockpiling items, you may need to purchase things that you may never use but will be essential during an emergency. One good example is waterproof matches. Water purification tablets are another item that one will probably never use during normal day-to day life.

However, in the event of a flood, where the water supply gets contaminated, these water purification tablets will be a life saver.

Ideally, you should get a guide on emergency preparedness that will show you what items you should be stockpiling and what items will need to be part of you first aid kit, etc. You could search online for tips and tricks too.

When planning your budget, you should know roughly how much food your family and you consume daily. This will allow you plan just how much to buy. The duration you wish to stay prepared will also have an impact on your budget.

For example, stockpiling enough food for 2 weeks will be a lot less expensive than if you were preparing to be ready for 3 months. You’ll need to decide just how long you wish to be prepared for.

When it comes to purchasing food items, you should purchase canned food and other food that can last a long time.

It would be a good idea to take inventory of all the food and write down the expiry dates too so that you can consume the food before they expire and prevent wastage.

For non-perishable items like first aid kit equipment, fuel, batteries, shelter, etc. you’ll need to make a list of the most import items and purchase those first. Items like candles, flashlights, batteries, water purification tablets, first aid equipment, etc. are important items that should be stockpiled in the house.

When making a list, have categories so that it’ll be easier and more organized. Now you will have a detailed list and know exactly what items you need. You can prioritize which items are most important and buy those first.

There is no need to buy all the items at once. You may gradually buy what you need so that it doesn’t eat into your budget and put you in debt. As long as you stockpile the items in a slow and consistent manner, you will be prepared.

The most important items for survival are food and water. Make sure you have ample amounts stockpiled. Depending on where you are, you might need ammo and guns for hunting or self-defense. So, keep those in mind too.

Shop around before you buy your items. Write the prices all down and speak to the store owner and negotiate for lower prices if you’re buying in bulk.

Even if it’s just a fifty cents cheaper, when it all adds up, you will be amazed at just how much you’ve saved. So, do the math and see how much you’ll need to fork out and slowly become prepared.

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