What Clothes Do You Need For Survival?

It is very common for preppers to pack a survival kit and a first aid kit and keep them ready for emergencies. However, many forget that clothing is an essential requirement too. It’s often assumed that one can just bundle up their existing clothes and that should be enough to get them through an emergency.

This is not true. During a survival situation, the electricity may be down. The temperatures may be low and you will need the right clothes to get through these harsh conditions.

It will be a great idea to store clothing for survival separately in zip lock bags. This will protect them from the elements. Should there be a flood or you need to travel in rainy weather, your clothes will still be dry. You won’t believe how comforting warm and dry clothes will feel when you’re cold and miserable.

Now let’s look at what qualifies as ‘survival clothing?’

Survival clothing needs to be clothing that keeps you comfortable and is durable during a situation that is critical. Generally, for men, full length pants and t-shirts made of thicker material will be good. The same will apply for women.

If there is a power outage during the winter months and your heater is down, having extra thick clothes will be very helpful. If you need to go into the woods to get firewood, having the right footwear will be a lifesaver. Survival clothing is clothing that will get you through the situation best. This varies from individual to individual.

Some people are prone to feeling cold more often. These people will do well to stock up on thicker clothes that will provide more warmth. If you live in a place that is arid and rough, having cargo pants that’s made of durable material will be better since your terrain is rougher and the clothes need to be hardier.

When storing clothes aside for survival, do remember to store clothes for all family members. Remember the extra items like socks, gloves, hats, footwear, etc.

Also note that, you should prepare for both summer and winter periods if you live in a country with seasonal climates. During the summer time, you’ll need lighter and more comfortable clothes. You’ll also need sunscreen. So, do remember to pack some.

Pay special attention to footwear. It will be a good idea to get waterproof boots that you can use during the winter months when there is snow. For the summer time, you may just wish to use sandals.

Raincoats, jackets, hats, etc. must also be taken into consideration. While hot water bottles and umbrellas are not exactly survival clothing, keeping these handy will be useful too.

Always bear in mind that the clothing will need to be durable, easily washable and should fit you well. Do not get clothes that need to be dry cleaned or may shrink easily. During a survival situation, the last thing you want on your mind is clothes that have special requirements for cleaning.

Make a list of all the clothes your family and you will need. Separate the list into 2 categories – hot and cold months, and pack accordingly. Keep your survival clothing sealed and stored in a specific place; ideally close to your first aid kit and survival kit. That way, you can grab all that you need at one go and be prepared.

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