What You Need To Know About Survival Training

Anyone who has watched survival shows on TV like Man VS Wild or Survivorman will be in awe at just how resourceful these survivalists are. They have a plethora of skills and techniques that enable them to survive in the harshest of environments and the most unpredictable circumstances.

Preppers are slightly different from survivalists because preppers tend to stockpile food and other items to be ready in the event of any disaster. Preppers may also seem a little more ‘paranoid’ and expect disaster to occur at any time.

In most cases, preppers are not expert survivalists because they just don’t have the training. The truth of the matter is that survival training is a very useful skill to have and all preppers would do well to take courses and get hands-on experience in all the techniques involved.
You’re probably wondering, “So, what do I have to do to become a survival expert?”

You’ll need to undergo survival training. This will involve you being in situations and surroundings that are out of your comfort zone. Most preppers live in urban surroundings and don’t really know much about hunting or other outdoor skills.

Survival training will teach you how to hunt for food. You’ll learn how to kill and clean the meat and much more. Starting a fire, filtering water and even urban survival techniques such as making a Faraday cage, etc. will be taught to you. Surviving is more than just stockpiling food and water.

There are many different types of survival skills such as first aid, shooting, building shelter, finding food, etc. Depending on which type of training you wish to undergo, you’ll need to find qualified people who will train you.

One of the most important skills to pick up will be first aid. You would be wise to learn how to treat wounds, perform CPR, tie tourniquets, etc. During a crisis, there may be people who are injured or sick and need immediate treatment till help arrives. A knowledge of first aid just may save their life or even yours, if it’s you who is injured.

Another useful skill is being able to handle a firearm. During a crisis, there may be looting and other crimes. Due to the lack of law enforcement because they’re busy handling the crisis, some people may grab this opportunity to go on a crime spree. It does happen and innocent people can get hurt. You must be prepared.

Go to the range and get a qualified instructor to coach you on handling a firearm. You absolutely must get familiar and comfortable when it comes to using a weapon. Check if they have training for stressful situations.

Being able to fire and hit a target on the range is not enough. You must also be able to function under stress. Usually, many people freeze up when faced with a dangerous situation. They experience an adrenaline dump, tunnel vision and ‘shakes’… and they fumble with the firearm. The right training will prevent this.

It’s always best to learn these skills when you’re not faced with a crisis. Anyone will benefit from survival training. You’ll never know when you may need these skills… and while most people will probably never get to use them, it doesn’t hurt to have them.

You absolutely must learn from someone who is qualified and experienced.

If you’re learning CPR, make sure you’re taught by trained medical personnel. If you’re learning to use a firearm, ensure that the trainer is certified, skilled and confident.

You can search online for experts in your area or you could even look through the yellow pages. Do ask for references and exercise due diligence before joining someone’s course or class. Get started today and in time to come, you too will be an expert survivalist.

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